The best beaches by the Lake Balaton

The best way to survive the hot summer weather in Hungary is to visit Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is one of the most family-friendly places in the country. On the south shore the water is not deep, so children can play in the shallow waters. On the North Shore, the water is deep as you can not feel the bottom within a few steps. But the most important thing is to have fun, get a nice tan and freshen up in the water. In this article you will definitely find a place, where you can survive the hot summer days’ of Hungary.

Balatonlelle, Napfény strand (Sunlight beach)

Napfény Beach and Water Park is one of the nicest beach on the South Shore. You cannot miss it! It is easy to reach by train, it is right next to the boat station. The sandy beach is perfect for small children. Do not be afraid of the retro entrance, the beach is a modern place with thermal pools, water slides and of course with the clear water of Lake Balaton. You can sunbath while you are laying in the water. Paddle boats and different sport activities (volleyball, basketball, etc.) are available.

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Füred Campground:

windsurfing-1586675_1920If you are a lover of extreme sports, this is the best place for you. It is located on the North Shore and provides a 1 km long water skiing course as well as lots of other activities: windsurf, kite surf, sailing, etc.

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Siófok Golden Coast Public Beach:


Some people swear by the public beaches of the south shore. Siófok is one of the biggest party places by the lake. During the day, you can enjoy the beach and delicious ice cream, but when the sun goes down the city blows up and the best pubs and discos are waiting for the ones who love to dance until dawn. The next day you can recharge on the beach. Beware! If you get the vibe, it is hard to stop.

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Keszthely Municipal Beach:

If you are a cultural freak Keszthely is the city for you! Daytime you can read your favorite book under the shade of the huge trees, then go to the city center! Visit the outdoor theater of the Festetics Villa, or be part of a night tour in the old villa. You won’t forget it, believe us!
The shore:
The Villa:

Tihany’s Napsugár Beach at the port:


We, Hungarians know how to feel cool in the biggest heat. Are you interested in our little “secret”? Yes, it is the Fröccs (A part wine with a part of soda water). Tihany is the perfect place for wine tasting tours, but before the huge dinners and the tasty wines you have to swim in the cool water of the lake! Belive us, your appetite will be even bigger!


We hope that you will visit at least one of these places! Let us know where your favourite beaches are!