Gyula is located in the Great Hungarian Plain up on the River Fehér-Körös, 235 km (146 mi) southeast from Budapest and 5 km (3 mi) from the border with Romania. Békéscsaba-Gyula-Kötegyán railway line and Highway 44 also cross the town. Highway 44 is a four-lane expressway between Gyula and the county seat Békéscsaba. Gyula is a good place for nature lovers, people who love history and of course for the people who love to swim in thermal water.

The History of Gyula:

The first people appeared at the area bc. 5000, but the first documentations were made in 1313, which mentions a monastery called Gyulamonostora. The constructions of the Castle began in the 14th century and ended in the 16th century. The first family who lived in the castle was the Maróthy family continued by the son of Matthius Corvinus, John Corvinus.

The town was attacked by the Turks in 1566, and unfortunately it failed and stayed as part of the Ottoman Empire until 1694. Gyula became a popular tourist attraction in the 20th century, because of the thermal baths. The castle was restored in 1962.

What to do in Gyula?

A trip in the Castle of Gyula is a good program for kids and adults, too. And the view from the top of the Castle is amazing.


The thermal baths are a wonderfull way to relax and enjoy your free time. Do not worry about the children, because there are plenty of non-thermal pools, and a new wellness centrum was made last year. In the health centrum you can get massages and different kind of medical treatments, but do not forget to call and make an appointment. (more information:


The hundred years old confectionery is an unforgetable memory. You can taste all kinds of bonbons and watch how they were made in the past. All kind of confecrionery equipments can be watched in an organised room. Do not forget to bring some sweets back home with yourself! You will not regret it. (The building can be a little hard to find, but local people are very nice, they will definetly help you!)


A good program is to rent a bike and make a little trip in the city. Bikes are all over the place all summer long. And you can rent a paddle boat, too. It is nice to have a little adventure on the River Körös. You can see a lot of fish under the water, but be careful with the ducks, they can be tricky around food.

Near Gyula:

A lovely city, Szarvas (the meaning of the name of the city is deer) is perfect for people who love theatre. The theatre is very special, because it floats on the Körös. You can watch musicals and concerts and enjoy the perfect view of the river. (for more info: )

Another great experience is to take a boat trip on the Fekete-Körös (Black-Körös). Tours are usually 1-1,5 hour long. You can experience the beautiful wild-life of the area and hear interesting informations about the river. You should ask some information at your hotel or you can find some on this website:

For more information please visit:,_Hungary