Vehicle Related Services – Car Sale and Purchase, registration

Assistance with Car Sale and Purchase

We provide full assistance for the purchase or the sale of a car located in Hungary, including:

  • Review of Internet listings & dealerships visits;
  • Organization of viewings/showings;
  • Taking the vehicle to a garage to have it checked;
  • Negotiation with seller/dealership/buyers;
  • Assistance with drafting the purchase/sale contracts;
  • Arranging originality inspection, technical inspection, etc;
  • Registration of the car to your name at the Registration Office;
  • Obtaining new car papers;
  • Contracting/cancellation of insurance.

Car Assistance

HungaryAssistance takes care of the everyday maintenance of your vehicle so that you do not have to worry about it. We track and monitor mandatory inspection expiration and scheduled vehicle maintenances for you. We organize and take your vehicle for scheduled service, repairs, seasonal tire changes and technical inspections.

We also provide a 24/7 emergency assistance in case of breakdown or accident.


Our team has many years of experience importing vehicles to Hungary for expatriates and diplomats.
We ensure that your vehicle is imported and registered in Hungary in accordance with regulation but also as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


Once you leave Hungary, if you would like to take your vehicle with you, we can assist you with the preparation of the necessary documents (customs, etc), deregistration of the vehicle, shipping, etc.