Departure Services

Leaving Hungary? Overwhelmed by the long to-do list? Don’t know where to start? Worried about overlooking something? Need an expert’s advice?

We know that moving to another location can be stressful and burdensome for assignees and their families. Our goal is to facilitate your transition to your new host location. Our expert are here to advise, manage and assist you throughout the departure process.


Departure Services

  • Advice on notice requirements along with advice on recovery of security deposit;
  • Lease termination notice and property checkout. We accompany you at the property checkout and document the process in an handover report;
  • Security deposit recovery assistance;
  • Cancellation of services to the property: utilities, media connections, alarm, etc;
  • Cancellation of cell phone subscription;
  • Closing of bank account;
  • Cancellation of insurance contracts;
  • Obtaining copies of medical records;
  • Cancellation of memberships;
  • Finding a temporary accommodation and organizing the booking;
  • Assistance with securing a car rental;
  • Airport transfers;
  • Revocation of official documents and IDs (Residence Permit, Address Card, Tax ID, Social Security Card).


Additional departure services

  • Assistance with car sale or car exportation;
  • Custom clearance;
  • Moving assistance;
  • Pet immigration;
  • Pet transportation to your new assignment location;

For more information about those services, please consult our car services & other services.