Destination Services

Moving to Hungary? Our Team provides an extensive range of destination services, including:

Area orientation

We design & organize a tailored tour of the city and your neighborhood, including nearest emergency room, English speaking medical services, nearest pharmacy, schools, shops, specialty shops, malls, gyms, vets, museums, post office, train/metro stations, etc, to get you acquainted with your new surroundings.


Home search

We help you look for your new home in Hungary. We accompany you & assist you throughout the whole process.
We provide 2 days, 3 days or tailored home search packages.

Prior to the home search, we collect information regarding your budget, location & housing preferences. We research the real estate market & identify properties that meet your requirements. We schedule viewings & accompany you to all viewings.
Once you have identified a suitable property, we negotiate lease terms and any other specific requests. We arrange the preparation of the lease agreement and review it to ensure it conforms to standard legal requirements & is in line with your company’s requirements.

We organize the signature of the lease with the landlord. We also accompany and assist you at the property handover. We document the property handover in a report with pictures.

We also assist you later on with lease extension and lease cancellation.


School search

The education of your children is an important aspect of a successful relocation. We provide you with a targeted list of international, bilingual and/or Hungarian schools, from Nursery all the way up to High School. We schedule school visits and accompany you and your children. We also assist with the registration process.


Settling-in Services

Once you have found your new home, we help you settle in:

  • Utilities: gas, electricity, water, trash collection, heating, etc
  • Media connections: Tv, Internet, Phone
  • Alarm
  • Cell Phone
  • Bank
  • Insurance

We liaise with utility companies to order & set up services in your property. These include gas, water, electricity, media connections (TV, Internet, Phone), alarm, etc. We transfer & register meters to your name (gas, water, electricity) on an adhoc basis.

We accompany and assist you with cell phone service set-up (selection of provider et set-up).

We provide details on local banking institutions and assist you with the necessary paperwork to open a bank account.

We provide information on household and vehicle insurance and assist with the necessary paperwork to contract insurance.


Tenancy Management

Our Team takes care of the Tenancy for the duration of the lease. We act as intermediaries between the Tenant -our client- and the Landlord.

This service includes:

  • Management of security deposit, rental payments, utility payments on behalf the Tenant (employee or employer).
  • Communication Landlord/Tenant
  • Ongoing maintenance assistance
  • Management & resolution of issues related to the property
  • Troubleshooting issues with Utility Providers
  • Lease renewal assistance and negotiation
  • Lease termination and handover of the property
  • Assistance with Security Deposit recovery
  • 24/7 Home Emergency Hotline