Other Services

24/7 Emergency Hotline Service – For companies

We provide a dedicated phone line to assist company’s employees with emergencies: car accident, car breakdown, stolen car, theft/robbery (house, car), house emergency (fire, flood, gas leak, electrical issue), interaction with the police, problems with locks/lost keys to get into the property, medical emergency, etc).
We tailor our offer to your company’s needs. Please contact us for more information about this service.


Training (Language & Cross Cultural)

We source and organize language classes that fit your needs and schedule through our network of experienced language teachers.

We also provide cultural trainings for company’s employees. This training aims at understanding Hungarian history, culture and traditions to facilitate your setting-in in Hungary. The scope and length is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Please contact us for more information about these services.


Pet Immigration – Pet Sitting

We understand that your pets are important to you and your family. Therefore we provide assistance not only with pet immigration but also with the day-to-day care of your pet: veterinarian, pet hotels, pet-sitting, etc.

If you are planning on bringing your pet with you to Hungary, please inform us in advance as this process is strictly regulated (Regulation 998/2003/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the non-commercial movement of pet animals) and requires ahead planning.


Customs Clearance

Whether you need to bring your personal goods or your car to Hungary, we provide full customs clearance assistance for companies as well as for private individuals.


Moving Assistance

You would like to move your belongings to Hungary? Your assignment in Hungary is ending and you would need to move your belongings to your next assignment location? We source the appropriate shipping company in accordance with your criteria and requirements.