Traffic control in Hungary – New intelligent speed cameras

Since April 5th, 2016 at 8:00 am, the new intelligent speed cameras system has been activated in Hungary.

What are the new speed cameras?

It is a network of cameras aimed at traffic surveillance.

Those cameras focus mostly on controlling speed and excess speed. However, those new super cameras are also able to control:

  • irregular crossing of a continuous line;
  • going through a red light;
  • going through a red light at a railway crossing;
  • irregular use of a bus lane;
  • driving on a one-way road in the wrong direction.

This intelligent cameras’ system records vehicle speed, front and rear license plate number, country where the car is from, size of the vehicle (weight/category). The data collected is transmitted to the vehicle central registry where the system can also check if the vehicle has a valid insurance and a valid technical inspection.

New Speed Cameras System in Hungary - How it works


Where are the new speed cameras?

There are currently 300 fixed cameras and 165 mobil devices on 134 locations.

The cameras are rack mounted along and above the roads and highways.

The Police published a list of the fixed cameras on their website. Click here for the full list:  Super speed cameras Network – Police source.

New Super Speed Cameras in Hungary - Map of fixed cams